INVO Template Library

INVO Template Library

Invo Template Library is an add-on that simplifies, quality assures and streamlines the distribution of corporate templates in MS SharePoint / Office 365. Publish relevant templates in the right place to the right person.


Give your employees a simpler and more efficient workday using quality-assured templates and auto-merge of relevant information.


Features & functions:


  • A template library with support for mege of project- og and contact information
  • One main library for easy maintenance and updates of existing and new templates
  • Easy access control on templates
  • Categorisation of templates in for of sheets/filter
  • Options for template availability throughout the solution
  • Integrated with other modules from Invo; Projects, Document Center, Contracts and QMS.


Invo Template Library allows the company’s users to easily obtain available and updated templates across all areas of SharePoint / Office 365.

Invo Template Library have access control to simplify, quality assure and streamline the use of templates. Metadata is used to distribute templates for end-users in the different Invo modules.


The template solution is always updated with the latest version and equipped with a fast and good search engine. The templates can be categorised based on relevance, subject area or a phase in a management system, allowing the user to easily filter to the correct template.


Auto-merge in templates is supported with flexibility for changes as needed. 



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