INVO Connect

Invo Connect increases productivity, security and control through simplified storage and retrieval by using automatic metadata harvesting.

Features & functions:

  • Save directly from Word, Excel and PowerPoint – and all other applications 
  • Easy creation of new storage areas (projects, business areas, contacts, folders) 
  • Supports all file formats 
  • Search and navigate directly in SharePoint from Outlook  
  • Create favourites in Outlook – for fast storage  
  • Drag-and-drop emails directly into SharePoint with associated metadata
  • Automatic metadata capture
  • Full Office 365 support 

Invo Connect assists the user by offering an easy way to store documents and emails in the company’s SharePoint sites. Invo Connect lets the user upload, retrieve and share documents and emails directly from MS Outlook. Invo Connect improves SharePoint adaption and ensures that business critical information is not just left in a user’s Outlook.  

By allowing the user to define favourite locations and access to last used and most used locations in SharePoint, navigating the structure directly from Office software is made easy. In Invo Connect, the user will have the opportunity to share, open and edit documents directly from Office 365. In Outlook, the user may share SharePoint documents through attachments or document links, hence several users may collaborate and interact within one version of a document. 

Using global search in Invo Connect allows you to search through vast volumes of content at high speed directly in the client.