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Our focus is to provide user-friendly solutions for efficient collaboration. We offer standard modules integrated with SharePoint / Office 365

Microsoft ISV Gold Partner

Invo is a Microsoft ISV Gold Partner with headquarter based in Ålesund, Norway. We develop standard software integrated with Microsoft. We deliver standard modules for Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint. Our focus is to provide user-friendly solutions in various business areas and industries to simplify and empower effective collaboration. We are proud to have a differentiated customer portfolio that provides great synergies in developing our software. We strive to work closely with our customers to get input and ideas for new and improved functionality. We have a culture of learning and a system of competence sharing. With this knowledge, we are helping our customers growing their business.

What makes us unique is our desktop client Invo Connect

A key success factor to get the users on-board is to provide them with a tool to simplify their daily tasks in one interface. With Invo Move, users will be able to collaborate on documents, projects and cases directly in MS Outlook. With automatic metadata harvest, Invo Move make it more effective to retrieve, navigate and store information. One primary interface, simplifies and streamlines business processes throughout the organisation.

Self-service and one interface

Our Self-service functionality is accessible throughout the entire solution. Regardless of the area of ​​responsibility, the user will easily be able to perform actions such as creation of new projects, cases, contracts, etc. With simplified access control, security is no longer an issue.Self-service ensures that the solution is quickly applied and contributes to improved efficiency.

Development strategy

Three-layer development strategy

We have a constant focus on developing our solutions based on the needs and trends in the market. This results in adding new functionality to existing modules or developing new modules. Today, our primary focus in regards of internal development is the next generation of Invo Connect/Desktop client. The next generation of Invo Connect, we will include Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to further simplify work processes and data harvest.

We also develop new functionality in existing modules, as well as develop new modules in collaboration with our customers. Several of our deliveries are a combination of standard modules and development. We have several examples of solutions developed in collaboration with customers which have now been standardised modules.

Finally, integrating and distributing new functionality in Microsoft’s products, Office 365 and SharePoint. Since our solutions are closely integrated with Microsoft, it is important for us that users get access to new functionality developed by Microsoft. We monitor at any time Microsoft releases and integrate this into our solution when this is beneficial for our software.

What makes us unique is our desktop client INVO Connect.

Invo Connect is a desktop client integrated with MS SharePoint / Office 365 that simplifies the storing of business information. Invo Connect offers the user full access to MS SharePoint and OneDrive for Business directly from Outlook.