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  • Finansforbundet

    "Effective case management, more satisfied members"

    Håvard Lohne
    Communications Advisor, Finansforbundet
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  • Point Resources

    "Effective and proper internal communication"

    Elisabeth Fiveland
    Media & Communications Advisor, Point Resources
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  • Norlandia

    “Instead of starting to look for documents, we do simple searches and get great search results like we are used to with Google”

    Lars-Petter Østlie
    CDO, Norlandia
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  • Point Resources

    "User-friendly document management in SharePoint"

    Christian Rambech Dahl
    Geophysics Advisor/ Committee Member, Point Resources
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  • Tafjord

    "The choice was easy, based on their competencies and competitive conditions."

    Kari Løken
    Head of Communication, Tafjord
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  • Ellingsen Instruments AS

    "The challenges we faced was that we spent a lot of time searching to retrieve information."

    Lene Meaas
    Document controller, Ellingsen Instruments AS
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  • Sparebanken Møre

    "We have gathered all the internal information in one place, thus making it easier for all employees to get updated"

    Arnt Urkedal
    Senior Manager Marketing, Sparebanken Møre
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  • Årim

    "User-friendly case management and control of documents"

    Tor Langlo-Johansen
    CFO, Årim
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  • Eurosign AS

    "Invo Project helps us keep track of our projects"

    Henning Aasen
    xx, Eurosign AS
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  • NOF Ortopedisk Klinikk

    "We chose Invo because Invo makes SharePoint simple, which it basically is not"

    Eivind Teig
    System Developer, NOF
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  • JI Bygg AS

    Jl Bygg

    Einar Berggren Hansen
    KS - Leder, JI Bygg AS
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