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INVO Case Management

Give your users access to all critical information and documentation in a single window.

Invo Case Management is a standard module based on MS SharePoint/Office 365 technology. With Invo Case Management, you will have a dynamic and effective case management system in SharePoint.

Integrated with Office 365, Invo Case Management ensures your business an efficient interactive platform for all your cases.

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Features & functions:

  • Case management in one single window – directly in SharePoint
  • Manage cases and reply via Outlook in a single case window
  • Overview of all cases with associated status
  • Access control
  • Key information, documents, emails, tasks and case history all in one place
  • Access to pre-defined templates and standard texts with auto-merge
  • Dynamic views and automated storage
  • Unique case numbers ensures automated storage of incoming and outgoing inquiries regarding the case
  • A full overview with status reports
  • Integrated with Microsoft Office and Outlook
  • Invo Move is included

A user will have access to all relevant information concerning a case in a single window. An intuitive interface, updated dynamically, provide a full overview and the opportunity to complete several tasks simultaneously. Following up and tracking processes and stages on each case is made easy. This leads to the case flow being quality assured from the beginning to the end.

The number of clicks have been reduced by using dynamic views and automated storage in the fields. The total processing time has been reduced, as the user can utilise pre-defined templates and standard texts and merging of case and contact information, together with user-managed signatures.

Invo Case Management makes it easy for an organisation to gather all documentation associated with its business with the help of standard integrations with Microsoft Office and Outlook. All incoming and outgoing inquiries are gathered and archived directly on the relevant case, which is assigned a unique case number. With Invo Move, case management can be handled directly from Microsoft Outlook.

It is easy to manage access and rights in Invo Case Management. Access can be managed at overall level adapted to the roles and user groups in the organisation or in selected cases.

Invo Case Management generates standardised reports by default which offers a solid overview over registered cases by unit, and how the cases progress.

Invo Case Management is a generic module and may be used in several types of processes in an organisation such as support, warranty claims, customer complaints, orders or in general inquiries.

What makes us unique is our desktop client INVO Connect.

Invo Connect is a desktop client integrated with MS SharePoint / Office 365 that simplifies the storing of business information. Invo Connect offers the user full access to MS SharePoint and OneDrive for Business directly from Outlook.