INVO Contracts

Invo Contracts


Invo Contracts is a standard module based on MS SharePoint/Office 365 technology. Invo Contracts offers you the ability to gather all information about a contract in its lifespan in one place.


Get the full view and complete control over your company’s contracts with automatic email notification for follow-up dates.


Features & functions: 

  • Create a contract site with few clicks
  • Pre-defined templates makes creating a new contract easy
  • No limit for number of contract areas
  • Easy storage and retrieval of documents
  • Task assignment with Gannt view
  • Easy access- and permission setting
  • Version control, workflow and sharing
  • Deep integration with Office 365 and Microsoft Office software


Invo Contracts offers you the overview and opportunity to monitor all agreements and contracts in your company. You may easily add new contract areas and add access control. With pre-defined folder structures, the software automatically gathers metadata for easy information retrieval.


Automatic email reminders make sure that the contract owner will receive notification when a contract needs following up, based on date. Invo Contracts has a powerful built-in search engine and includes standardised views of which contracts need to be followed up within the next month or the next three months. This tool makes sure the company has full control over agreements that are up for renewal or renegotiation.


Every contract has its own workspace where the contract owner and others can work and interact on a contract together. Users get quick access to the key information contained in the contract, documents, emails and to-do tasks.


With rich functionality at the document level included, the participants will at all times have complete overview and control over the latest version and can collaborate on one single document.





INVO Template Library

Invo Template Library is an add-on that simplifies, quality assures and streamlines the distribution of corporate templates in MS SharePoint / Office 365. Publish relevant templates in the right place to the right person.



INVO Access Control

Invo Access is an add-on that simplifies administration and provides a good overview of internal and external access to folders and files in MS SharePoint / Office 365. In the same overview, easily remove access on given users.



INVO Automation Registry

Invo Automation Registry is an integrated tool in Invo Solution, where your company can retrieve legally accurate information on all companies (customers and suppliers) directly from Brønnøysund Register Centre.

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