INVO Intranet

Invo Intranet


Invo Intranet is a standard module based on MS SharePoint/Office 365 technology. Invo Intranet offers the user a landing page with access to news, sites, Invo modules and external applications. 


Give your employees access to an efficient tool for internal communication that promotes the sharing of knowledge across your organisation. 


Features & functions: 

  • A user-friendly and modern intranet 
  • A natural starting point for Office 365 
  • Fast implementation of standard functionality 
  • Publish news items and updates 
  • Link to business-critical support and management systems 
  • Social collaboration 
  • Access and rights control 
  • Availability on several different work spaces 


A standardised intranet based on MS SharePoint offers you a large degree of flexibility, and is easy adaptation.  


An intranet solution eases the spreading of information and knowledge within your organisation. Through a standard intranet solution, communication will improve across the entire organisation. Distributing items of information concerning all members of your organisation becomes easy, hence will publishing news items and updates for all employees.


The intranet will be the landing page and the hub of activity for your organisation’s systems, where users can access modules in SharePoint and have an easy point of access for their other support systems and tools. The solution is designed with user-friendliness in mind, relevant and with the user as its focal point. 


Combined with Invo Projects, the users may access their projects and tasks across projects, directly from the intranet start page. 

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"We have gathered all the internal information in one place, thus making it easier for all employees to get updated"

Arnt Urkedal

Senior Marketing Manager , Sparebanken Møre

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