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NOF Ortopedisk Klinikk

We had a big challenge with retrieving documents. We lacked a common understanding of how to store information that led us to store files and folders everywhere. When we could not find the documents, we did not know if it was because it did not exist or because we were in the wrong folder. We chose Invo because they make SharePoint simple, which it basically is not. When someone asks me where the manual is, I say it is located on Sharepoint. I do not need to show or explain more because my colleagues are able to find it.

JI Bygg AS


Risa AS

The construction contractor Risa wanted a scalable and cloud-based solution that could contribute to collaboration and high quality in their projects. With Invo they got what they needed.

Invo makes the workday more structured

When Bakke Leiligheter AS chose Invo, it was because the systems met the company's requirements for document management while being user-friendly and efficient. – We chose Invo for several reasons. We wanted a simple system that all employees could use to create structure and order. At the same time, we see that Invo addresses several of our needs. We achieve better project structure, and we can easily store emails and other correspondence, says Managing Director Arild Finstad of Bakke Leiligheter AS. In addition to Invo Connect and Invo Project, Bakke utilizes Invo's template library and quality system. – With Invo's Template Library, we have all templates gathered in one place, and we ensure that the templates used are always up-to-date and correct. We also see great value in having easy access to our quality system. Good and clear systems reduce the likelihood of errors and provide a more seamless workflow, he continues. After using Invo for 2 years, Bakke clearly sees the benefits they have gained from using the solutions. – We notice that employees are enjoying the structure and order, which Invo contributes to a great extent. It is also easy to navigate to information. In addition, emails can be saved with just a few clicks, which also saves us a lot of time, explains Finstad.

What makes us unique is our desktop client INVO Connect.

Invo Connect is a desktop client integrated with MS SharePoint / Office 365 that simplifies the storing of business information. Invo Connect offers the user full access to MS SharePoint and OneDrive for Business directly from Outlook.