Make SharePoint user-friendly and simple!




We desired a user-friendly case management system to better handle phone- and email inquiries from our members.


We used Dynamics CRM as member’s registry and SharePoint for document storage. Since Invo's solution is built on SharePoint and easy to integrate with Dynamics CRM, Invo was a natural choice for us. The fact that the solution was built in cooperation with lawyers in another organisation was also a contributing factor.


E-mail correspondence was previously located with the individual case manager.  Now we have a common solution where other employees can easily access information and view historical cases or take over responsibilities.


Invo has helped us with more efficient case management so that we can provide better service to our members.


"Effective case management, more satisfied members"


"Effective case management, more satisfied members"

Håvard Lohne

Communications Advisor , Finansforbundet


Point Resources

Effective and proper internal communication!


Invo developed a customised platform for internal communication at Point Resources in an efficient and proper manner.


As a result, the company can facilitate equal treatment of all employees in different locations in regards of information. At the same time, the company's departments and tools are available from one landing page.


"Effective and proper internal communication"


"Effective and proper internal communication"

Elisabeth Fiveland

Media & Communications Advisor , Point Resources



We experienced challenges with internal collaboration and needed a better tool to improve our internal communication. We did not have the internal expertise to do major development projects.


In Norlandia, it has been important to be innovative, but it is also important for us to get the users on-board. With SharePoint solution from Invo, there is a low threshold and easy entry use of Office 365 and SharePoint. With the proper training of the organization, nobody will switch back.


One of the main benefits is that we are more compliant in regards of GDPR because we no longer send files. We share files and have a secured link to everything that is related to documentation.


Another key benefit which was important to us is that we do not have to develop, neither do we have any internal development resources related to SharePoint. Invo is always up-front providing standard releases that makes the solution user-friendly for our employees.


Instead of starting to look for documents, we do simple searches and get great search results like we are used to with Google.



“Instead of starting to look for documents, we do simple searches and get great search results like we are used to with Google”

Lars-Petter Østlie

CDO , Norlandia


AF Gruppen

Full control on communication at AF Gruppen!


Before we implemented Invo Move, we found it difficult to retrieve documentation concerning a project throughout its life-cycle.


We quickly identified that the standard solution for e-mail capture was too difficult in SharePoint Online and Windows. In the procurement process, we considered different tools from multiple suppliers.


The choice fell on Invo due to its simple interface and good functionality. Now our employees can easily store all information directly from Outlook to SharePoint with Invo Move.


We now capture most of the emails associated with projects in SharePoint even if they originally entered the individual's Outlook. This makes it easy to retrieve all documentation concerning projects throughout the life-cycle.



Full control on communication at AF Gruppen!

Lars Mollerup

Application owner , AF Gruppen


Point Resources

User-friendly document management in SharePoint


Invo have delivered a SharePoint based document management system according to company’s specifications and provided the most user-friendly system for a consistent way of working with documents for the entire company's business and all employees.


We wanted a folder user-interface to lower the threshold. We also wanted to avoid manual metadata tagging as we knew that our users would not relate to it.


"User-friendly document management in SharePoint"

Christian Rambech Dahl

Geophysics Advisor/ Committee Member , Point Resources



"One Tafjord"


Our objective was to build "One TAFJORD". Promoting the different business areas and creating understanding and collaboration across departments and companies is important to us. This requires that we have a flexible and functional intranet as a channel for internal communication and distribution.


To assist us, we chose Invo. The choice was easy, based on their competencies and competitive conditions. That they are based in the region is certainly also an advantage. If we experience any problems or if we want to make any changes, Invo responds very quickly. They are a good conversation partner and the service is impeccable.


"The choice was easy, based on their competencies and competitive conditions."

Kari Løken

Head of Communication , Tafjord


Ellingsen Instruments AS

Search and retrieval!


The challenges we faced was that we spent a lot of time searching to retrieve information. We also experienced challenges in terms of audits- and version control.


As we already used SharePoint, we wanted to look at the possibilities of replacing the existing file server in order to work more efficiently. Based on a recommendation from a partner, we contacted Invo.’       


With Invo Document Center, we are currently using much less time on retrieval, search and storage of documents. We have now gained full control of audits and versions.


"The challenges we faced was that we spent a lot of time searching to retrieve information."

Lene Meaas

Document controller , Ellingsen Instruments AS


Sparebanken Møre

Sparebanken Møre wanted to replace their existing intranet solution based on Websphere from IBM. 


We were dependent on having an intranet that could handle large amounts of information like routine descriptions, guidelines and manuals in addition to the daily distribution of internal news. Furthermore, it was important to have own sites for staff news, bulletin boards and courses and training.


In 2012, there were fewer options than today and we decided to use SharePoint from Microsoft as a platform. Invo was a local supplier with the most expertise in this area at that time. Sparebanken Møre emphasizes to use local suppliers wherever possible.


The main advantage of the Intranet is that we have gathered all the internal information in one place, thus making it easier for all employees to be updated. Many can publish updates in an effective manner and we spend little time managing the system.


"We have gathered all the internal information in one place, thus making it easier for all employees to get updated"

Arnt Urkedal

Senior Marketing Manager , Sparebanken Møre



User-friendly case management and control of documents.


We identified a need to systematise our case management, as well as improve the structure on our documents. In addition, we had a strong desire to provide our users with a single interface. Furthermore, we saw that SharePoint was a natural platform to facilitate our needs.


As a result of a procurement process we chose Invo as they had the solution that best suited our needs at a reasonable price.


Now we have Case Management, Document Center, Template Library and Intranet in one solution provided from one vendor. Delivered in the cloud makes it easy to work regardless where you are.


Everyone follows the same logic and work method, making it easier to find documents that are needed to fulfil our daily tasks.


On-boarding new users is also easy as Invo has an intuitive interface and most of us have used SharePoint earlier.


"User-friendly case management and control of documents"

Tor Langlo-Johansen

CFO , Årim


Eurosign AS

Invo Project helps us keep track of our projects.


We were in a situation where our SharePoint solution on a Windows 2008 server was no longer able to upgrade. It also took up a lot of space on our server and we had to find a solution.


By chance, we came in contact with Invo in 2016 and they turned out to have the solution to our problem. They helped us move all our projects into the cloud and cleared up space on our servers. We no longer have to think about upgrading the SQL server!


We primarily use Invo Projects, however we also work on creating an Intranet site and a document archive in the same solution.


We work very project-related and Invo Project helps us keep track of our projects.  Invo is very competent on SharePoint and at the same time have quick response to support.



"Invo Project helps us keep track of our projects"

Henning Aasen

xx , Eurosign AS


NOF Ortopedisk Klinikk

Search, retrieval and easy storage.


We had a big challenge with retrieving documents. We lacked a common understanding of how to store information that led us to store files and folders everywhere.


When we could not find the documents, we did not know if it was because it did not exist or because we were in the wrong folder.


We chose Invo because they make SharePoint simple, which it basically is not.


When someone asks me where the manual is, I say it is located on Sharepoint. I do not need to show or explain more because my colleagues are able to find it.


"We chose Invo because Invo makes SharePoint simple, which it basically is not"

Eivind Teig

System Developer , NOF


JI Bygg AS


Einar Berggren Hansen

, JI Bygg AS